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CMO SUMMIT by Shortlist is a „by invitation only” & „must be” ciclycal event for marketing top managers, advertisers. The aim of the conference is to discuss trends, gain inspiration and analyze the most difficult challenges of todays’ marketing and communication industry.
CMO Summit CEE will be the 5th edition of the event addressed to senior marketing leaders and the 1st edition organized for the whole region of Central Eastern Europe.
We started in 2018 with one day conference in Google Campus in Warsaw, then in 2019 in Space by Facebook. In March 2020 we had to cancel our event last minute, due to Covid-19 and upcoming lockdown. However we came back a few moths later, stronger and with new perspective gained over the period of #newnormal. 2 days CMO Summit conference in October and consequently 2 days conference in may 2021 gathered 200-300 CMOs from all over Poland.

Now it’s time to invite CMOs, top marketing managers, advertisers from all CEE region to join our event.
Topics and speakers of each edition of CMO Summit are deliberately selected according to the needs of the audience and so will be this time. The Leitmotif of the of CMO Summit CEE is Marketing with no boundaries and our speakers will share suitable cases and presentations with the audience.
Meet or speakers and check the agenda.
We are looking forward to host you during CMO Summit CEE on Oct 27th.

Ben Jones

Creative Director, Google

Kateryna Edelshtein

SVP, East Europe Area Leader in Nielsen

Robin Conley

Regional Marketing Director, Httpool

Justyna Duszyńska

CEO & Managing Director, Httpool Polska

Erik Johnson

Global Business Expansion for Central and Eastern Europe, Snapchat

Barbara Grabiwoda

eCommerce Strategy Director, Publicis Commerce Poland

Kamil Kołak

Communication&Business Director, Zenith

Dominika Kosińska

Business Development Manager, T-Mobile Polska

Mateusz Pietraszko

Chief of Sales Big Data & Mobile Advertising, T-Mobile Polska

Mary Kirillova

CEO, Baltic Event Industry Club

Kama Kowalczyk

Client Service Director, Allegro Brand Experience

Jane Pei

Marketing Director, OPPO CEE

Robert T. Nowakowski

Partner, Spences Stuart

Marta Laskowska

CEE Digital Marketing Senior Specialist, PwC Central & Eastern Europe

Kamil Kosz

Media Team Lead, CD PROJEKT RED

Bartłomiej Przybysz

Global Senior Performance Marketing Expert, XTB

Barnaby Chapman

Director Growth Initiatives, Adform

Marta Macke

Founder & CEO, Shortlist Consulting & CMO Summit



9:30-9:40 - Introduction from Shortlist Consulting, CMO Summit organizer

Marta Macke, Founder & CEO, Shortlist Consulting & CMO Summit

9:40-10:10 - Scaling content - the next big thing for your content strategy

Barbara Grabiwoda, eCommerce Strategy Director, Publicis Commerce

Content strategy takes the marketing spotlight in companies looking for audience-driven and data-based narrative. The need for quick, cost-effective but above all, consistent content production brings the next wave of transformation – scalable and agile content. By bringing new touchpoints and even more challenging business goals, eCommerce adds additional urgency for content strategy. In this session, let’s look at innovations and processes that allow for increased number of creative contents with consumer and data in mind.

10:10-10:40 - Panel: Marketing for Global Growth. Using digital advertising in global marketing campaigns

Hosted by Robin Conley, Regional Marketing Director, Httpool Guests: Marta Laskowska, CEE Digital Marketing Senior Specialist, PwC Central & Eastern Europe, Kamil Kosz Media Team Lead, CD PROJEKT RED, Bartłomiej Przybysz, Global Senior Performance Marketing Expert, XTB

Digital media is increased the feeling we are living in global village, with advertisers benefiting with the ability to efficiently expand into new markets. Let’s hear the experience, lessons, and challenges of advertising on a global level from skilled advertisers.

We’ll learn how advertisers are evaluating opportunities, measuring results, balancing branding with performance, and how to localise or globalise content.

10:40-11:10 - COVID - a challenge for the marketer. How to develop effective ways in reaching customers?

Dominika Kosińska, Business Development Manager & Mateusz Pietraszko, Chief of Sales Big Data & Mobile Advertising, T-Mobile

How to achieve sales goals based on data driven marketing, while not omitting customers who fulfill their purchasing needs outside of e-commerce.

11:10-11:40 - Meetings without boundaries. The age of online & hybrid events.

Panel moderated by Mary Kirillova, CEO at Baltic Event Industry Club. Guests: Jane Pei, Marketing Director, OPPO CEE, Kama Kowalczyk, Client Service Director, Allegro Brand Experience,

11:40-12:10 - Business, Augmented

Erik Johnson, Global Business Expansion for Central and Eastern Europe, Snapchat & Justyna Duszyńska, CEO & MD, Httpool Polska

How Snapchat’s Augmented Reality ecosystem fuels the future of creation and distribution of AR experiences globally, and immersive AR experiences drive visual attention and business results in ways traditional media formats cannot

12:10-12:25 - COFFEE BREAK

12:25-12:55 - How To Efficiently Expand Your Business in New Markets with Limited Local Resources?

Kamil Kołak, Communication&Business Director, Zenith

When thinking about business development through product launches on export markets, we are confronted with several doubts: does my brand have enough potential, will the product sell, will the fixed costs related to building local structures ultimately pay off?

How to effectively introduce your product in new markets from a communication standpoint – from the test and learn stage to the development of strategic planning;  taking into account the synergy of communication and positioning on all markets; to the full management of digital activities supporting sales and coordination of local partners?

12:55-13:25 - Adapting advertising to a NEW NORMAL: insights, trends and the path forward in a post Covid world.

Kateryna Edelshtein, SVP, East Europe Area Leader in Nielsen

13:25-13:55 - The last unfair advantage. The future of creative in an age of infinite information

Ben Jones, Creative Director, Google

  • What does a billion and a half hours of watchtime a day on YouTube show us about the nature of attention?
  • Creative is the dominant driver of results every time it is studied & has more opportunity now than in the entire history of advertising
  • Almost all ads can be better with small edits

13:55-14:25 - Future-proof your setup for digital identity

Barnaby Chapman, Director Growth Initiatives, Adform

  • Lay the foundations for the future of the digital identity.
  • Determine your data strategy, increase your addressable audience and add incremental uplift.
  • Forge relationships with your import partners to drive better outcomes.

14:25-14:45 - CMO as a leader with no boundaries: building a strong team in a virtual and hybrid environment

Robert T. Nowakowski, Partner, Spencer Stuart, Executive Search

14:45-14:50 - Closing Remarks

Marta Macke, Founder & CEO, Shortlist Consulting & CMO Summit



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